My church
has come alive.
JfL Pastor

JfL is a perfect opportunity
for [businesspeople] to
make a difference in the
communities that they live in
while enhancing their
business in the process.
JfL Businessperson

Being in the JfL program
taught me self-esteem,
courage, and faith.
JfL Graduate

I finally belong!
JfL Student

I have gone
from homeless
to entrepreneur.
I've got joy today!
JfL Graduate

Denver Metro
Jobs Partnership

George Tinnes
VP Administration
Board of Directors



Denver Metro Jobs Partnership is a faith-based, non-profit organization that works with Jobs for Life to glorify God by helping people who are struggling financially because of unemployment.


We work to rehabilitate the chronically unemployed and underemployed. We use the Jobs for Life job-readiness counseling program to help people rediscover their God-given skills for career employment.


The Jobs for Life program is used by churches and faith-based organizations throughout the United States with remarkable results. Over 80% of JfL graduates remain employed more than a year after graduation.


The benefits of using the Jobs for Life program in the Denver metropolitan area include:

  • The unemployable become employable
  • Families and marriages are restored
  • Children see their parents working
  • Church members and volunteers become active in community outreach
  • Church revival stirred by "loving our neighbors"
  • Men and Women take responsibility for their choices and actions
  • Communities discover new hope
  • Relationships are formed as people from different communities join in the fight against poverty and unemployment
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